Susan Elizabeth Talbot Photography and Design

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Decisions, decisions... When asked what I love to shoot the most, my answer is always anything Equestrian and Children. Fortunately, many times, these go hand in hand.

I have been professionally photographing horses and equestrian events for over tem years. A knowledge of many different riding disciplines gives me an edge that many photographers don't possess. And, I do believe that the unspoken relationship and communication I have with these beautiful animals is key to capturing the moments my clients have come to expect from my work. My specialties include hunter/jumper, dressage, polo, fox hunting, and location shoots with an equestrian twist. You can find me at Carrollton Polo Club, Atlanta Polo Club, Bear Creek Hounds in Moreland and Steeplechase Events.

My photos have been featured on magazine covers, on websites and within the pages of magazines and newspapers.

For more information on location shoots, portraiture, equestrian events and weddings, please call me at 404-914-7981 or e-mail me at